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With the advent of digital music technology, the rise of downloadable music services, Internet-based radio and the increasingly varied outputs for new music (computers, iPods, tablets, smartphones, etc), it is clear that the future of music (and the music business) is in the digital realm.

MRG Recordings, through strategic marketing and distribution, aims its focus through digital means and a digital marketplace where adaptability, information flow and viral effect requiring an efficiency of targeting, transparency and flexibility are its most essential elements.  Additional viral marketing strategies include advertising, artist-focused podcasts, video meet & greets and implementation of targeted newsletter e-mail campaigns.  Additionally, MRG Recordings coordinates with a host of companies, businesses and retailers to place music in a variety of outlets including television programs, short films, trailers, full-length feature films, live events, video games, in-flight entertainment, music compilations, product launches and corporate events.  

With the intersection of music and the ever advancing technology, MRG Recordings will continue to explore and evolve combining an old-fashioned love for discovering and nurturing new music and talent with a clear-eyed view of the digital terrain that has now become the essential meeting ground between artist and fan.


As a label committed to artists, MRG Recordings is by no means genre specific and we welcome new music submissions. Please understand that it may not always be an immediate process for us to review your material and offer substantial feedback.  We accept links to your music by email, but do not accept, and will delete any audio files sent as attachments.


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